A couple of years ago I had some clients that put on music concerts in various cities. One of the ways they “filled the house” was by sending several of the performers and assistance out around the concert location in cars and vans. The performers would pull up in their car, jump out in the middle of a crowd and perform one of the songs they were going to perform in the concert. While they were doing that, the assistance would had out fliers about the time and location of the concert.  They did very well. They called these groups “Street Teams”.
Taking  these concept to another level we have been achieving great success by writing CraigsList ads, sending Emails and other advertising and correspondence about the East County Business Center. Now we realize there is even more that can be done with this concept!
If my Street Team members build their own database of referrals, contacts, family and friends they have unlimited potential to find new customers for ECBC plus ECBC cleints and even more, products and services outside ECBC. 
If we build the Street Team to 10 members and each member builds a databases of 1,000, when a new product or services is promoted, it goes out to not just 10,000 contacts, it will be forwarded to even more from those contacts! 
I invite you to be a part of our street team. 

Hope all is well with you.

I’m in the process of updating my database for next year and I came across your Email in one of my referral categories.

I have been doing some marketing and advertising for a friend of mine who owns The East County Business Center in El Cajon. The Executive Suite office building is doing quite well. Their Full Time Offices are usually full (he encourages people to always call if in need though). They are adding more and more “Part Time Office” and “Business Address Clients”. These are actually the fastest growing components of the business. More people are working from home and need affordable part time offices to meet privately with clients and they need a business address to send their business mail and packages to. Having the reception service included is what really puts it over the top! Below is a link to the site.

Part of his success his is his referral network. He makes sure that everyone in his database knows what his other clients do. This gives his clients (and their clients) a chance to find out about and use their products and services. Most of his clients cover their office overhead expenses from the referrals they get from his other referrals.

This is why I’m expanding my database. If you would like me to be a referral source for you, please update me on any information I should send out about you, or if you have a special offer or notice that needs to go out, please let me know that too.

East County Business Center

I’d appreciate it if you would cut and paste the Executive Suite information above to those you think would be good referrals or, that may be in need of the services. When you do, please copy me on the Email so I know where to credit the referral.

Best of luck on a fantastic 2016! Please keep me in the loop!