The keys to Small Business Marketing :

It is NOT critical for you to know “how” to do everything yourself in marketing.

You don’t have to know how to build a web page, you don’t have to know how to build a social media page and you don’t need to know how to write effective ad copy.  You do need to have an idea of “how it all works”. And, you need to have an idea of the steps to get it done. In other words, its more important to know what it does and how to use it than how to push the keys on a keyboard.

Successful Marketing is not complicated! After your learn some of the basics, you simply need to keep building on your experience and then keep up with what’s new.

The most important element for small business marketing success is…. You must have the contacts! How do you get contacts? Start with everybody you know! Make a list. Use the list in your phone to start with. Remember, your referral source is NOT your customer list. You don’t sell your referral source ANYTHING, they are like your sales force. See below for more information about developing your data base.

 Craigslist Marketing Basics Program
To get started in learning some of the basics of marketing for others or for marketing yourself we developed our Craigslist Marketing Basics Program. Use this to build your marketing foundation. We will utilize one of the top 20 web sites in the world, Craigslist. We will walk you through the process step by step.

After you have finished this course and you have an account you can go back to any time to have some fun with and to stay active and in touch with some of the basics.  Your Craigslist account is easy to jump in and out and its fun to stay connected. You can even make some gas money or create a coffee fund in the process. Or actually, take it as far as you want to go. The only limitation is your imagination. Have some fun with it or just have it on the back burner for rainy day activities. Once you get started, see how creative you can be with it!  We welcome your input. Help us to continue to evolve this course for others. For starter, lets get some real ads up and running. Here is a quick summary or what we’ll do.

If you have not yet opened one, open a Craigs List account (it’s easy and FREE)
You copy and past the ads we have already written.
You change the contact information to your name and number so people will call you initially.
You answer some of their preliminary questions and then call us with their name and number.
We call them and “sign them up” and then we pay you.
After you work with us for a while you can then start building your own contacts and your own marketing business if you wish.
We’re here to help, call with your questions and comments.

Let’s get started!
First you need to open a Craigs List account.
It’s FREE and easy to do.
Just go to and follow the instructions or, check out a couple of videos on YouTube
Make the account name simple and easy to type FAST
Make the name appropriate for a marketing professional.
Make the password simple and easy to type FAST.
If you use the same computer regularly for your account, you can get the username and password memorized on the device.
You will need to verify the account at some point, just follow the instructions.

Then check out our web site and become familiar with the products and services so you can answer some questions.
Then copy some of the ads we have written and change the names at the bottom of the ad to your name and phone number.

The idea is simply for you to:
1. Receive the initial calls from your ads.
2. Answer whatever questions you can
3. Call us with their name and number.
By calling (or Emailing) us, we know how to credit the referral.



Log into your account
Enter your Username and Password
Press Log In
Goto (top left) of page and click on Craigslist
This will take you to the Craigslist Home page
Goto housing>office/commercial
Goto very top right corner of the page and click on “post”
click on housing offered (should be 4th one down)
then click on office & commercial
then click on east san diego county
then click on “please continue”

In a separate Tab in your Browser, open
Go to Marketing
Go to How to make money on Craigs List
Go to the ad section you want to copy (ie Business Address)
Go to the ads below.
First copy the ad title (bold type)
Then copy the ad text



Business Address Ads

title>>> My business address is 270 East Douglas Ave...
<ad body>
When my clients Google me, that’s the address they see! My company name is on the building directory.
There is a receptionist who signs for packages and docs.
The mail is sorted and put in my private box.
There are lots of tenants in the building who refer me business.
My business has grown since I have been there.
All of this for an affordable $45 per month.

The list of features goes on and on.
Check out the web site at (you have to cut and past to your browser)

Or just call Lee 619 933 5738

title>>>Just tell them to leave it with your receptionist at: 270 East Douglas Ave, El Cajon!
<ad body>
Or When it gets there, we’ll let you know.
Pick it up at your convenience!
Easy directions, easy access, lots of free parking!
No need to wait at home for a delivery to show up.
Add telephone answering and office space use later if you need it.
Call Lee @ 619 933 5738 Services
On-site receptionist to coordinate document pick-up and drop off
Reception lobby
Copy and fax services
Easy directions, lots of free parking
Mail forwarding available

It’s easy and fast to get set up! Call now! We’ll have your business address set up today! 619) 933-5738 Check out our web site for more information.

title>>>  Brokers & Agents, meet the new DRE address requirements!
<ad body>
Service include:
Professional business address.
Your business name listed on the building directory.
A receptionist to sign for packages, registered letters and deliveries.
A receptionist to coordinate with clients that would like to set up a meeting with you.
Expecting something special? Call us, we’ll watch for it and call you!
Yes, you can use this address on your business license.
Yes, you can use this address on your Fictitious business name filing
We keep it affordable and month to month,
Call Lee 619-933-5738
We are located at 270 East Douglas Ave El Cajon, CA 92020
Please view our website
Easy to sign-up online or by fax or in person… Lee 619 933 5738

Want to use the pictures we have below? Sure, it’s easy!
First you need to save the pictures into one of your files. The easiest is the picture files on your computer.
Here is how:
First, select the picture you want. When you hover your mouse over the picture a blue plus sign will appear.
Left click with your mouse over the plus sign.
Then right click on the picture and a menu will appear, move your mouse over the “save image as” selection.
Left click save image as and a folder called pictures will open on your computer.
The name of the picture will be listed in the description. Then just click “save”.
Your picture is now in your picture file on your computer.

To add a picture to your Craigs List ad, click on continue and follow the instructions.
There will be a tab to “edit images”, click on that.
Then, there will be a box on the top left that says “add images” click on that.
Your computer should open the file where you store your pictures.
Pick the pictures you want to have in your ad. You can choose over 20! Just a few should to though.
Then click “done with images”.
Then click “Publish”.
Your ad will go live unless CraigsList asks you to verrify again. If so, just follow the instructions.