QuickBooks Course


QuickBooks is the most commonly used bookkeeping software for personal and small business applications.

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QuickBooks Course

No matter what busineess you work for or what business you want to start, you have to keep track of your financials.

Why QuickBooks?

Why use the online version?

Can this help me get a job?

In this course we introduce students to QuickBooks basics including setting up an account, writing checks and setting up income and expenses categories using practical, near-real-life examples.

Course Textbooks

QuickBooks Textbooks and Video Instruction

Course Approval

This course is approved by the State of California Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education. Please see the formal course information in our School Catalog on this site along with the Enrollment Agreement.

Distance Learning

Course Availability

This course is available NOW Live Online and In Class.

Lee Mench

School Director & Instructor

Mr. Mench has been a small business owner and real estate broker for over 30 years. He has owned and managed the executive suite office building, The East County Business Center where he has helped hundreds of his tenants with their business plans and marketing programs. His real estate experience includes commercial office and industrial development as well as residential brokerage and management. This experience has helped Mr. Mench pull together the best courses, instructors, consultants and many guest speakers making his courses both technically exceptional and more important fun! Anticipating the market trend, Mr. Mench ‘s, The Learning Source is one of the few schools that have been approved by BPPVE for online instruction for several years giving TLS a market advantage.

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