Computer Basics with Small Business Marketing

This course is designed for people interested in improving their computer and software skills and expanding that knowledge into basic personal and business marketing.


Live Online in English and Spanish!

Students who complete this course will be able to use their new and improved skills for jobs requiring basic computer and software skills. Office administration positions, customer service, order desk, bookkeeping, data entry, marketing media coordination, and other positions all require the basic computer skills offered in this course.

The first portion of the course is making sure students are comfortable with their basic computer knowledge including computer set-up, WiFi connection, printer, and peripheral set-up, and keyboard skills. Instructors are experienced at taking students from basic to advanced levels based on the student’s skill levels and motivation.

Students are introduced to internet communication starting with a basic email including how to send pictures and attachments. Students then expand those skills to include setting up and categorizing contact lists and other software applications and how these skills are used in business as well as personal applications.
Further building on these skills students is introduced to basic word processing and spreadsheets for personal and business applications. There is also a module introducing the Quickbooks software. The goal of the course is to expand the students’ knowledge and use of computers but it also focuses on how students can search to find answers to questions and find resources to take their computer experience to the next level.

Distance Learning

Course Availability

This course is available NOW Live Online and In Class.

Lee Mench

School Director & Instructor

Mr. Mench has been a small business owner and real estate broker for over 30 years. He has owned and managed the executive suite office building, The East County Business Center where he has helped hundreds of his tenants with their business plans and marketing programs. His real estate experience includes commercial office and industrial development as well as residential brokerage and management. This experience has helped Mr. Mench pull together the best courses, instructors, consultants and many guest speakers making his courses both technically exceptional and more important fun! Anticipating the market trend, Mr. Mench ‘s, The Learning Source is one of the few schools that have been approved by BPPVE for online instruction for several years giving TLS a market advantage.

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