Recordkeeping at The Learning Source

At The Learning Source, we understand the importance of maintaining accurate and secure student records. Our recordkeeping practices are in strict compliance with CCR §71930(c)(3), ensuring that your educational journey with us is documented and preserved with the utmost care.

Retention of Records

We are committed to retaining your student records for a minimum of five years following your enrollment. This policy applies regardless of whether you have completed a program or withdrawn. The preservation of your records is our priority, providing you with the assurance that your educational history is safely stored and accessible when needed.

Storage and Security

Our approach to storing your records combines cloud-based technology with physical hard disk backups, ensuring both convenience and security. Specifically:
  • Cloud Storage: Your records are securely stored in the cloud, allowing for efficient management and protection against data loss.
  • Physical Backup: In addition to cloud storage, we maintain hard disk backups at our secure location:
    Address: 270 East Douglas Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020.
  • This dual storage approach ensures that your records are safe and can be retrieved even in the event of technological disruptions.

    Requesting Your Records

    If you need to access or request a copy of your records, we’ve made the process straightforward and user-friendly. Simply send your request directly to our administration team at:
    Our dedicated staff will promptly assist you with your records request, ensuring that you receive the information you need in a timely manner.At The Learning Source, we are not just committed to your present learning experience but also to preserving your educational legacy. Your trust in us to maintain your academic records securely and accurately is something we take very seriously.